Kiwengwa Investment ltd


Kiwengwa Investment ltd is one of the leading realty holding investment companies in Zanzibar, owner of multiple buildings and services in the Kiwengwa area.

Kiwengwa Investment ltd can help you address your investments in Zanzibar and Tanzania.


KI investment ltd operates in realty holding sector with a multistrategic, wide horizon approach. 

Our target is to build a portfolio with realty holding investments diversifying investment areas and instruments, to mitigate overall portfolio risk and enhance return expectations. 

The Company offers customers the opportunity to participate in a project of extensive real estate markets, reaching fields precluded for the single investor, with interesting revaluation potential in the medium / long term. We attempt to seize, thus, the opportunities offered by the current economic downturn and a regulatory context in strong evolution.


We may also consider direct investments through acquisitions or transfers of buildings, option contracts and repurchase transactions and also rights on real estate usage.

We deal with the management and development of our investment portfolio, entrusting the management of individual investments to specialized operators with important and established track record.